I'm sorry! My English is not very good! I come from China, I really like your GIF! Do you like Chinese kung fu? ^ ^


It`s alright, at least I can read english,hun.

Thank you!

Sure I like it! This grace! These quick movements! The intenseness!

When I fight, I`m not very graceful. I just…you know…beat the shit out of things…

Well, "Rainbow Loom Bands" is the brand and name of those bracelets. They don't have to be specifically Rainbow colored. I've seen a lot of boys using them; in manly colors like Red, Blue, Black, White, etc. Mostly to benerate the USA flag or, well, whatever that doesn't involves pink or girlish colors; most of the times, they use them to look modern or call the attention of girls.


I don`t care if they`re blue or red or pink or shit colored, just not my kind of…fashion…

What's the best gift you've ever given Dana?


I paid for her little rat-friends because…hey, I`ve got unlimited access to huge amounts of money (don`t ask, I doubt you want to know…) and usually I buy her what she wants or needs…but she says the little beasts are her favorite gift from me…