Hey, but take my list as a "Pet ranking"; the almost worst on the top, and the almost best on the bottom. That's why I put the pet rocks there, but that's my opinion, maybe there are fish lovers waiting me to get outside my home to kill me about what I said of fishes. Eh, I think rats are cool, but most of the times; like the bunnies and the hamsters; will aim to cut your fingers.


Yes, but consider this:
You`re not a pet-person.

Maybe you`re just not meant to have a pet….deal with it or try to catch snail-Heller…

Well, fishes go in circle all day and are fragile. Hamsters bite. Bunnies bite more stronger. Ponnies kick. Horses are way too big and kick harder. Bears aren't pets. Dogs hates me. Cats too. My brother ain't no pet. Zombies bite. Mantis scratches. Frogs gets you high. Penguins are illegal. Foxes escape. Birds fly and escape. Rocks can't breath. Snails breath, can't bite, can't fly, are legal, and if you get tired, you can sell them to France, but are sensible about bad or awful names.


Hey hey hey hey what did you just say?
Rocks aren`t good pets? They are GREAT pets!
I have a rock myself, you know. His name is Stoney and he is a very pleasant and carefree pet!

But what about rats?

My sister got herself some of these little beasts but they`re…well they`re very friendly and clingy.At least to her. Every animal seem to hate me..

Here, this is one of the little fuckers.Dana keeps sending me pictures on the phone…I have plenty of this shit…

I do know about flour dust explosions...your a bloody scientist, shouldn't you have known better?


When you`re distracted with a blender that suddendly goes nuts and a smoking oven while you`re trying to flambé that créme brûlée shit you don`t think about flour dust explosions. You just ask yourself what the fuck you are doing here and why.